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MVP demystified: Moving beyond scope discussions

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


MVPs are often used as a way to chunk up our full feature scope into manageable parts that we can implement one step at a time. This approach does not really help us much in deciding what should be in scope or out of scope, and what should be high priority or low priority. 
The true power of MVPs is facilitating fast learning. Will our proposed solution actually bring the business impact and value we think it will? What assumptions need to be true to achieve this impact? 

This talk will:
  • introduce MVPs as minimal validations rather than feature sets; 
  • offer some examples of techniques to identify and prioritise assumptions and validate them;
  • demonstrate we should not design the version of a product we can go live with upfront, but rather give ourselves the freedom to stumble upon it during a series of deliberate experiments. 


  • Analyse requirements as assumptions 
  • Understand different validation techniques 
  • Rethink scope as something to be discovered rather than defined


  • job-to-be-done; five whys; Kano model; customer experience pyramid 
  • assumption identification and prioritisation 
  • hypothesis formulation 
  • validation techniques 
  • cohort analysis

This Session's Speaker:


Filip Hendrickx - Alter Shape Consulting
Innovating BA & Founder of altershape, Co-Founder of BA & Beyond, and IIBA Brussels Chapter President

Filip is convinced that established organisations can, and should, become corporate startups. To help them achieve this, he follows a structured yet pragmatic approach, by bridging business analysis, product management, design thinking, lean startup and innovation techniques. 
His background of over 10 years in business consulting and a prior 10 years in software engineering and research enable Filip to connect strategy and portfolio management with project execution and product development. 

As co-founder of the BA & Beyond Conference and IIBA Brussels Chapter president, Filip helps support the BA profession and grow the BA community in and around Belgium. For these activities, Filip received the 2022 IIBA® EMEA Region Volunteer of the Year Award. 
Together with Ian Richards, Filip is the author of Brainy Glue, a business novel on business analysis, innovation and change. Filip is also co-author of the BCS book Digital Product Management and Cycles, a book, method and toolkit enabling faster innovation. 

You can contact Filip on linkedin.com/in/filiphendrickx and read his blog at blog.altershape.consulting


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Filipe Hendrickx
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