Board Member Responsibilities



  • Provide leadership to the entire Board of Directors of the Chapter and maintain the requirements of Chapter by-laws. 
  • Ensure board meetings are held as required and drive participation. 
  • Guide & support Vice Presidents as required to carry out their duties successfully. 
  • Ensure board consensus, effective decision making, and keep discussion topics in focus. 
  • Promote the ideals of the Chapter as well as IIBA Global in the media and community.
  • Ensure the board governs & operates according to the stipulations of the bylaws and manages programs & services to ensure implementation
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.


  • Give regular reports to the Board on the financial state of the organization
  • Keep financial reports on file
  • Orient the new Treasurer
  • Act as signing officer with the President for cheques and other documents
  • Manage the day-to-day financial affairs of the Board
  • Manage the accounting of the funds of the organization, its budget, and expenditures
  • Keep full and accurate accounts of all organizational receipts and disbursements
  • Receive and bank all monies due to the organization
  • Disburse all monies as directed by the Board
  • File necessary financial reports, tax reports, and audits
  • Ensure compliance with local and corporate fiduciary responsibilities


  • Serve at the pleasure of the board while maintaining the bylaws and policy documents of the chapter.
  • Filing of annual returns, amendments to bylaws, and other incorporating documents with the corporate registry.
  • Manage board, committee and general membership listings and organization/coordination of meetings​
  • Handle minutes of meetings, maintain meeting quorum, recording of motions and decisions, gather attendance, corrections and ensure signing, adoption and distribution of minutes
  • Maintain all board correspondence, documentation while ensuring correct filing and distribution as required. 
  • All duties therein mentioned in Chapter by-laws.

  VP Communications & Marketing

  • Oversee all communications to external parties - members, nonmembers, sponsors, partners, and the South Florida community.
  • ​Develop and/or facilitate the development of chapter communication guidelines, processes, and templates
  • Oversee the chapter Communications Committee and guide committee member development
  • Promote IIBA, professional development and certification within the South Florida community (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Ensure the definition, submission, update, posting, and communication of templates/flyers/brochures/newsletters regarding chapter events working with committee members.
  • Own and maintain the organization's website with contents and required approvals from the BOD.
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.

VP Education & Professional Development

  • Oversee the education and professional development program for the chapter
  • Develop and/or facilitate certification training courses for chapter members as required
  • Communicate & promote IIBA BABOK professional development and certification within the South Florida community (Facebook, LinkedIn, word of mouth)
  • Work with Events VP & Committee to communicate chapter education events & have identified speakers, presentation readiness, content and other logistics requirements & communications regarding the speaker. 
  • Maintain required records and correspondence dissemination of speakers and presented content.
  • Manage chapter study groups & be familiar with and adhere to IIBA Chapter CBAP Study group policy
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.

VP Membership

  • Oversee all chapter membership and community outreach campaigns.
  • ​Provide information about IIBA to members and interested parties through phone interactions, webinars, email, and printed materials
  • Manage the recruitment, screening, and tracking of chapter volunteers.
  • Track membership status and renewal dates
  • Work with COMMUNICATIONS to send renewal notices & update continuous current membership listing
  • Identify potential members and attendees from IIBA reports and listings
  • Manage reports from Chapter Portal and disseminate as required to committees
  • Manage outreach committee responsibilities, tasks, and all requirements to carry out duties towards productivity. 
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.

VP Sponsorship

  • Oversee all sponsor relationship management activities
  • Establish and promote sponsorship program structure, level, and benefits
  • Maintain sponsorship agreements and contracts
  • Maintain prospective sponsorship communication logs
  • Act as chapter contact with current and prospective sponsors & partners.
  • Promote IIBA, professional development and certification within the South Florida community (Facebook, LinkedIn, word of mouth)
  • Involved in the research of the BA profession and market trends, chapter liaisons, and drive outreach plans while working with finance to build partnerships with paid sponsors while fostering great relationships.
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.

VP Event Planning

  • Responsible for planning chapter event calendar, maintaining event dates and your committee oversees all event logistics, equipment, etc. working hand in hand with other VPs and committee members while maintaining ownership.
  • For all chapter events:
    • Work with finance on budgeting and disbursement as required from a yearly plan and specific as needed
    • Define event content and communication channels
    • Coordinate the collection of fees and remittance to finance
    • Manage speaker logistics (travel etc.), review content for delivery & get BOD approval and distribution of speaker content as needed
    • Follow-ups as needed to speaker & chapter post events
  • Maintain metrics/database of events, speakers, attendance, etc. and provide reports as needed by Board for review
  • Ensure proper records/storage of templates and communications to Chapter Drive.
  • Work with all vice presidents and committees as required towards planning for any events for the year
  • All duties as stipulated in chapter by-laws.

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